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Tips to increase brand awareness through Social Media.


Probably, the biggest goal for any business is to be seen and trusted by their customers. There are a big proportion of customers on social media these days. So it has become an important factor in reaching out to your potential customers through Social Media.

We can see nowadays that most of the brands have increased their awareness through social media solely. On the other hand, there are several brands who are still struggling to make their content stick. There’s no point in creating attractive content if the prospective customers aren’t seeing that content.

So in order to increase your brand awareness through social media, follow these simple tips to make every effort count.

1. Find the best suitable social media platform.

Yes, that’s right. You need to search for the best suitable social media platform where you have higher chances of finding your prospective customers. It’s not necessary to create a social media profile for your brand on every possible platform. You need to analyze first, where you can find your target customers. Let’s just take an example here that you have created your account on twitter and have got a good number of followers too. But are they your customers? Will they be interested in the services you intend to provide through your posts? This is what you need to analyze. Before creating your profile on every possible social media platform, you just need to find where you can get your target customers easily according to the services you provide.

2. Create visual & engaging content.

Visual Content

Visual images are said to impart the message clearly as compared to simple text messages. It is advised to post visual content on your social media profiles which can clearly depict your brand goals to your audience. On the other hand, you might have heard that it is good to post same content on your social media profiles. But in order to do so you have to be very careful of what you are posting on which platform. This is because it is possible that the users who are active on Facebook don’t even have an account on Twitter or Instagram. So if you are going to post your twitter’s tweet on Facebook profile, it would not look that appealing as it looks on twitter. So it is advised to post relevant content on all these social media platforms.

For creating good visual content , you can use several free tools like Canva, Picmonkey and Design Bold.

3. Managing your social media accounts.

Now since, you have created your profiles on the suitable social media platforms, it is now necessary to manage the content you post on these platforms. Your content should be consistent and everything you post should be relevant to your business goals. Some brands also prefer to post motivational content which can leave a good impact on their audience. Your overall brand image depends on what you post. So you need to be more careful regarding this and keep on analyzing what content gets a good response from the audience and what doesn’t go well with them. Also your content should have the power to convert your audience to potential customers easily if that is your ultimate goal for going social.

4. Track your progress

Track your progress

This is an important step in determining your brand’s success on social media. Your overall progress should be tracked time to time to analyze where you are lacking and what do you need to improve. There are several tools which help you track your performance free of cost. The Facebook page insights, Instagram’s insights & Twitter provide good tools to track how your posts are performing, how many people are engaging with your content and the overall reach of your content. Using these details, you can easily check which tactics work for you and which don’t.

5. Invest in paid promotions & Ads

According to Facebook’s recent update, it has made the organic reach to lowest rate on all of the new pages and its post. So in order to increase your brand’s image and highlight your company in front of prospective social media users, you need to invest some amount in paid advertising too. Also you can boost some of your posts to get a good visibility amongst your audience. Almost all of the brands whether new or already existing ones, invest in paid promotion and advertising to leverage their brands image an get potential customers. So in order to be successful on social media, you need to invest some amount apart from the overall organic reach and promotions.

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